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Amber S. Buikema
B.A. Graphic Design
Colorado Institute of Art, 1999
Professional Graphic Designer
for 15 years
Trained in User-Experience
(UX) Methodologies
Certificate in Digital Marketing
Coming June 2016
Other areas of expertise:
  • In-house creative department
    process & project management
  • Environmentally friendly
    printing methods
  • Metal execution for prototypes, signage and in-store displays
  • Copywriting/editing
  • WordPress websites,
    basic HTML & CSS

As a potter I prefer stoneware and textured functional forms. The grit and earthy tones of the clay connect me to nature and the finished piece flaunts a quirkiness of character with beautiful imperfection. And when it’s matched with just the right succulent plant or selection of colorful fruits, it evolves!

When riding my bike I pick dirt. Whether on a trail or cruising country roads, the crackling sound made by my tires on the ground clears my mind and churns out new ideas as the outdoor aromas awaken me. Various obstacles in my path keep me focused and aware, yet always moving forward—this is fun!

As a mother I value roots. Tapping into the nutrients from our families past and present gives us and our children an essential sense of belonging, and a connection to something so much more than what’s found living on the surface—a substance that influences how wholeheartedly we choose to live.

These are just a few things that inspire my work.

As a designer, I’m drawn to tonal textures steeped in green, white space, asymmetrical balance, brands with a purposeful story, and the letter “B”. After many years in this field I’ve discovered this isn’t just about pretty pictures. It’s a delicate balance of problem-solving, psychology, composition and a variety of elements not always within our control. In its own way this process is an art form and by trusting the process, amazing things will come.

From these truths emerges B•Good Creative. Are you a B•Good brand too? One that strives for a little more and keeps the greater good in mind? If so we must connect… I’ll bet we’d be GREAT together!

Our home office is located just southwest of Berthoud, CO, a small agricultural town on the front range plains of Colorado. Just 50 miles north of Denver, half-way between Boulder and Fort Collins and minutes from the foothills, I guess you can say we’re in the middle of it all yet so far away. And that’s how we like it!
My husband, Bryan, operates his business from our property as well, enabling us to maximize resources, collaborate and support each other when needed. An artist himself and a former designer, he’s highly creative—I’m lucky to have him on my team!
While we have clients that span all across the US, our Berthoud location keeps us geographically connected to the industries our work typically serves: the thriving art community in Loveland, CO in addition to the natural product and outdoor industry companies that densely populate the front range.
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